Sauers Engineering, Inc.

Sauers Engineering, Inc. is a consulting civil engineering firm specializing in the planning and design of water and wastewater infrastructure for small and medium sized systems. Sauers Engineering has been providing professional engineering services to private and public water and wastewater systems in the Sierra, foothill, and valley regions of northern California since 1984. We serve systems as small as a dozen customers to larger utilities with over 10,000 customers. Our design professionals are knowledgeable in the unique needs of the smaller systems and are adept at designing projects to best fit the scope and budget of each client. Our engineering staff has specialized knowledge in the planning and design of:

    o surface water and groundwater development

    o surface water treatment facilities

    o iron, manganese, arsenic treatment facilities

    o wastewater treatment facilities

    o booster pump and hydropneumatic pump stations

    o gravity and pressure pipelines

    o sewer lift stations

    o tanks and storage structures

    o master plans for water and wastewater facilities

    o construction management

    o public financing

    o dye dilution studies

    o environmental review and compliance

We provide on-going consulting engineering services to a number of public water and wastewater agencies serving as their district engineer. We also provide services for individual projects for public and private clients. We assist our clients with selecting appropriate projects to best meet their needs, considering cost, quality, function, life span, and ease of operation and maintenance. We have a good working relationship with local and state regulatory and funding agencies. Our engineers stay abreast of new regulations and technology as these issues affect our clients. Please contact us to see how we can assist in meeting the needs of your system.

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